SEO FundamentalsIf you’re new to SEO, The initial SEO meaning is ‘Search Engine Optimization’ in another words someone essentially optimize his/her website in order for search engines to rank it for relevant keywords in the related niche!

With that being said, the foremost search engine in the marketplace is Goggle, so typically SEO means to game the Goggle algorithm for your site to rank elevated in ‘SERPS’ (search engine ranking positions) to gain traffic and later to monetize it with your products or services’.

As position in Goggle its extremely cost-effective, big companies spend millions of dollars to get their product in front of their viewers for them to buy whatsoever these companies offer. So what the small businesses do is essentially frustrating to defeat and outrank these big companies but as Goggle is so deeply sided to the one that has most capital to promote on adwords or to rank in Google, in fact it’s really hard to make a big bang without a big financial plan.

That’s why a lot of individuals desire to study ‘SEO’ so they can match the structure as well and beneficially position their sites for long term achievement.

giant companies play dirty, so should you in order to win at this ranking “game”. Learn the techniques shown below and rank big time!

In ‘SEO’ there are 2 big things:

  1. Onpage SEO
  2. Ofpage SEO

Onpage SEO simply means what you do inside your site (articles, images, videos, links and everything else) and Offpage SEO is mostly what you can do to your site FROM OTHERS sites! Mix both well and you are on your way to make BIG BUCKS!

I persevere that SEO should only be one of your many traffic sources and you shouldn’t depend on search engines to make money. There are plenty of traditions you can fetch traffic to your site so stay inspired and make a huge amount of money!

Now to get on the go, you might desire to think or choose one market, niche or vertical you would like to pursuit. This will be your main focus until next time where we will discuss Onpage SEO!